Morning, all! There’s a few things I’m thinking about this week, thought I’d actually use this blog to get some of them out there.

The Kickstarter for my Tiny Glowing Galaxy enamel pins continues to go strong, topping $900 in total pledges as of this morning! There’s still a week or so to go before it wraps up, so there’s still time for you to jump on it. If you miss the pre-order, don’t worry: I’ll still have plenty left over to bring to conventions like Rose City Comicon, where I’ll be set up in Artist’s Alley this September. I’m really happy with the way the campaign has gone (Kickstarter’s built-in discovery features have been a boon!), and am seriously planning to run all of my projects through Kickstarter in the future. This includes all printed booklets and art projects, and possibly even future pins and pin sets.

Next up, this website could use a bit of a facelift, aesthetically and functionally. I really like working with WordPress, but admit my familiarity with templates is a bit limited. For instance, I’ve been wanting to put together a WooCommerce store here on my site for months now, but can’t get the layouts to play nice with the css I’ve already set up for the rest of the site. Do I need to redesign the basic site to make it more compatible? Or do I just need to force WooCommerce to comply? Or do I just need to compromise and let it be what it is? Not sure yet, but I expect I’ll be putting some time into that later this year.

Also thinking again about changing up the Patreon schedule. I still feel weird with the idea of asking for monthly donations if I’m not doing much each month, but I still feel better about that than I would charging per page. I could also add some monthly bonuses like a postcard or exclusive drawing, or follow Kory Bing’s example and do a monthly enamel pin club for a while (until I run out of ideas for that, at least). It’s something I’ve been wanting to revisit, especially as I’m nearing the completion of another chapter and getting ready to print it up and send it out. If I do switch to monthly, I’ll be eliminating the Print reward and just making the books available for pre-order through Kickstarter. The Early Access and Process Feed rewards would stay, but I’d have to reconsider all the other higher-level reward tiers.

Right now, my main focus is on completing Chapter One and getting it to print before September. I would love to run it through Kickstarter, but it’s not a good idea to have two campaigns running at the same time, and there won’t be enough time to run it before I need to have the copies ready for Rose City. Oh, well. I’ll schedule better for the next print project, ad work harder at meeting my own self-imposed deadlines. A good project for the rest of 2018!