Starting July 17th, will be hosting a Crowd Sale for the 8-Bit Tarot! With discounts beginning at 20% off, this sale will be a great time to pick up a deck for yourself AND for your Tarot-loving pals! The Crowd Sale ends on July 24, so you have one full week to take advantage of this great deal!

Crowd Sales are a form of crowdfunding where, rather than offering stretch goals to raise more money, bigger discounts are applied as more sales accumulate. So, the more people purchase the 8-Bit Tarot during the sale, the cheaper the deck gets for everybody! The discount starts at 20% off and goes all the way up to a startling 56% off!

The Pocket 8-Bit Tarot will also be available as part of the sale with its own discounted price!

Check out the awkward video I made!

Click Here to check out the Crowd Sale page with a full breakdown of the available discounts, and then click to be reminded when the sale starts!