Howdy, Gang! I hope you’re all doing well in the middle of the pandemic, taking care of yourself and keeping your loved ones safe.

I’ve been really busy over here on the west coast, working on finished assets for StarSpeed, drawing up a TON of new sketch cards, and keeping up on my live-stream ArtCasts over at There’s been so much going on, I’ve been hesitant to start posting to the blog again for fear of having to recap ALL of it. But, I gotta start somewhere, so here goes.

StarSpeed has been moving along well in the last couple months, at least until the pandemic lockdown started in earnest. I’ve drawn and colored all 18 planets, have drawn all of the pilot portraits, and the items for the action cards. I’ll be coloring the rest of those pieces in the coming week. I’m also ready to redesign the racer dashboards, and have settled on a good design for the tracks and hazard curves. I’ll be able to start work on new assets for the planned Kickstarter campaign, and might be able to launch that in mid-May or early June.

Part of what has enabled me to do all of this has been my ArtCast channel on I’m able to get into my livestream a few times a week, where I can focus on just drawing or coloring for several hours a day. It’s been really helpful to have this structure every day, even if the schedule is still irregular. I have a lot of fun drawing live, and chatting with folks who stop by to watch. I still need more Followers to become a Twitch Affiliate, so drop by the stream and help me out with that!

One thing I’m doing at the ArtCast is holding a monthly follower giveaway, where I offer a free sketch card to a random follower at the end of the month. I do several sessions each month where I just draw sketch cards for my etsy shop, so folks can get an idea of what they’ll get.

Last month I also started a new ‘Sketch Card Club’ tier on my Patreon campaign! Each week I draw a number of new cards – for my shop, or as custom commissions – and at the end of the month I collect the cards into a pack of high-quality reproductions. Each pack has 8-12 cards minimum, and these are available to my Patrons for a monthly $8 pledge. Pledging at this tier also allows you to request a specific card for the next month’s pack, which I’ll create on the ArtCast!

So, that’s the bulk of what’s new around here. I’m also still re-organizing and updating this website (including moving the url over to, so expect more changes coming. I’m working harder on updating the blog here more frequently, with news of all my ongoing projects. Until then, I hope to see you at the next ArtCast!