Hey, gang! My Artcast schedule has been erratic this week, there’s a lot of life stuff happening over here at Home Base. I’ve already missed a couple of my scheduled livestreams the last few days, and next week’s schedule is also going to be disrupted.

The short of it is, I’m taking the next week off to spend time with my daughter. This is the first official week of summer break 2020, which for me means it’s the last week I get to hang out with her before she moves out. Normally, she’d be leaving to spend the summer with her mom in Michigan before coming back for the next school year. Now that she’s all graduated, though, she’s likely to be heading straight off to college next fall instead! She’s busy packing her room up this week, and we’re trying to spend as much time together as we can while she’s here. Today that means spending the day playing board games.

I think I’ll be able to stream briefly over the weekend, though, to keep working on Ellie Connelly pages and other things. Next week I want to put together a firm schedule of not just streaming times, but things to be working on during the streams. Look for that either Monday or Tuesday. Until then, enjoy the weekend, and I hope to see you on twitch!