Yeah, I know I just posted about my 2016 plans starting off with Arsène Lupin as my next paid chapter, and I’m still going to finish this project up first, but I don’t feel right making it a paid chapter. First of all, I didn’t even write the story, it’s over 100 years old. I’m having fun illustrating it, though, and am looking forward to having the printed editions done. But, I’ve decided that I don’t want to lose the momentum on Ellie Connelly chapter 5.

Used to be, I had a Front Burner project, and a Back Burner project. The Front Burner was for ongoing projects that required more focus, and the Back Burner was for smaller projects which might also be ongoing, but weren’t my main focus. I think I’m going to go back to this model for the year, and see what happens. New Ellie Connelly pages will be my Front Burner project until the story is done, while Arsène Lupin, Ellie Connelly earlier pages, and other short stories and minicomics will all sit on the Back Burner for as long as they need.

So, I’m switching gears back a bit, to continue working both on redrawing the pages from the first Ellie Connelly chapter, while at the same time forging ahead on Chapter 5. This will keep new pages in the Comics feed to maintain some continuity for anxious readers, while filling in gaps and allowing me some flexibility in finishing up the older projects.

I’m on vacation this weekend, but look forward to more updates from Ellie Connelly chapter 5 next week!