3/18/2021 Update! So, I didn’t finish out this drawing journal, but I’m gonna publish it anyway. I think this is still a worthwhile idea, even if I often end up leaving most days blank. It would still be nice to be able to look back at the week or the month and see how I’ve done.

Here’s my drawing diary for the month of June 2016. Part of my plan for the rest of the year is to get back into the habit of drawing every day. To that end, I’m going to start tracking that progress by just describing what I draw each day, so I can look back and see how it’s going. So, here we go!

Wednesday, June 1: – Ha! Nothing! An inauspicious beginning to the month.
Thursday, June 2: – Rough pencils for page 71. Hey, it counts.
Friday, June 3: – Lettered and finished scripting page 71
Saturday, June 4: – penciled top half of page 71

Sunday, June 5: – Finished penciling page 71. Too hot to do much else.
Monday, June 6-11: – Forgot to update this post all week. I inked page 71 piecemeal this week, on and off. Not Saturday, though – Saturday I had to go back to work.

Sunday, June 12: – Finished inking page 71, and posted it for the Patreon.
Monday, June 13: – Drew nothing.
Tuesday, June 14: – Inspired by Tom Broderick’s work on Sun Runners, I’m doodling some new kinds of cosmic chaos. Solar flares and surfaces. Looking to do more involved Cosmic Chaos designs soon.
Wednesday, June 15: – Doodled some character ideas during lunch, wrote some notes about the end of Eye of the Vortex. Need to figure it out.
Thursday, June 16: – Penciled and lettered page 72!
Friday, June 17: – Inked one panel of page 72.
Saturday, June 18: – Didn’t draw anything today, needed a down day after work.

Sunday, June 19: – Drove most of the day, but still managed a bit of drawing at night. Finished the large middle panel of page 72, and that’s about it.
Monday, June 20: – Finished inking page 72, started roughing in page 73. Made some final nots on the script for page 74.
Tuesday, June 21: – nothing
Wednesday, June 22: – nothing
Thursday, June 23: – doodled some texture studies for a new Cosmic Chaos piece
Friday, June 24: – rough pencils for page 73, more texture studies and design for new CC piece.
Saturday, June 25:

Sunday, June 26:
Monday, June 27:
Tuesday, June 28:
Wednesday, June 29:
Thursday, June 30: