Jon Snow & Ghost

6×6 pen & ink on Bristol. Self-promotional

I’ve been a fan of Game of Thrones since about halfway through the first season, when I finally decided to sit down and watch it. I hadn’t read the books at that point, and had no idea what was coming up (the Sept of Baelor was an eye-opening experience for me, let me tell you!). From the beginning, though, I loved the character of Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost. I enjoyed every part of his story so far in the books, and am anxiously awaiting the next one to find out the resolution to his latest developments at the end of book 5 (!).

This piece is a good example of one of the commission tiers I’m working up. More than a basic 1-hour drawing, this ‘Character Commission’ took about 90 minutes, but about half of that was just getting the costume right. Enjoy!