This holiday season, LunarBistro will be participating in the Storenvy Black Friday Weekend sale, which means you’ll be able to get 30% off all of my limited-edition print folios and Custom Original Artwork! This includes the first War of the Worlds folio, my Halloween print 3-pack, as well as the custom 6×6” Character Portrait and the full-color Sketchcard commissions! Original art makes a great gift, and the small size of these means they’ll fit pretty much anywhere! I’ve got one day off next week, and I’d love to spend it drawing your loved ones’s favorite characters!
The sale starts on November 26 and runs through Sunday November 29.

Super 8-Bit Tarot sale!

8-Bit Tarot Holiday sale – Only $20.99 starting 11/29!

What better gift for your video-game and paranormal stuff-loving pals than my Super 8-Bit Tarot Deck? This full-size tarot deck features my full-color pixel art reinterpretations of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck and a document with notes on how to interpret your reading. For one week the deck will be promotionally priced at just $19.99, so there’s no better time to buy this fun and easy-to-use tarot deck. Available now through!

Update! Here’s links to some Small Business Saturday sales from other webcomics! Go support a creator this holiday!
Gastrophobia’s Sale Codes & Links: ebooks 50% off (use code: blackfriday2015)
books 15% off, everything else 10% off

And here’s one for my sale – Feel free to share and repost this, and please link it back to this page!