Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been hit with a bit of a dry patch for the last few months. My day-job has been sucking all of my energy away with 60-hour work weeks (ka-ching!), leaving me too drained to even think about drawing lately. The whole situation has left me more than a little depressed, I’ll be honest.

I’m in the process of looking for a more lifestyle-friendly job, and while I do that I’m going to attempt a little art-therapy self-medication as well, try to do a little bit of a course-correction back to happier land. To that end, I’m setting up a few Monthly Goals for the rest of the year.

  • First goal is to not get on myself so much about not having time to draw. It is what it is, I don’t have much control over it, and self-criticism isn’t helping me feel any better about the situation.
  • Second, complete two pages of Ellie Connelly each month. The next several pages are scripted, I just have to sit down and draw them. Two pages in four weeks is a reasonable goal requiring a modest amount of energy.
  • Sketchcards! I’d like to do at least two of these each month as well, just for fun.
  • Illustration Friday drawings, one each week. I’ve started a few of these over the last few months which I never finished. I still might, but the focus will be on new pieces for the upcoming themes. I can do these on a simpler scale than I’d been attempting, that’s for sure. These pieces don’t need to be earth-shatteringly awesome, they just need to be competent examples of my ability to execute an idea.
  • Schedule out the next projects I want to complete after this chapter. Namely, the second War of the Worlds folio. After that, either another Ellie Connelly chapter or an illustrated short story. Indecision!
  • I’ve got ideas to do a couple series of small illustrations, likely sketchcards on a theme. This might be a character-design exercise, an experiment in abstractionism, or an extension on a couple other projects like Cosmic Chaos. Don’t know how this fits into these monthly goals, but I’m thinking on it. Possibly along with the ‘Next Projects’ planning.

So, that’s it. When I pile it all together it looks like a lot of work to accomplish in just two months, especially considering my recent lack of productivity. And maybe there isn’t much in there to get me closer to being a freelance illustrator, but I have to start somewhere, right? And as with all of my upcoming projects, you’ll be able to see progress over at my Patreon feed for just $2 per project!