I’ve been thinking SO MUCH lately about my ‘future housebus plans’, watching video after video of skoolie builds and tours (I’m looking at you, Skooliepalooza!), I’m starting to worry I might burn out just on the planning stage.

Today i decided, after months of consideration, to change the name of my bus build to something more suited for me, and the things I enjoy. I had been calling it the Brokedown Palace, after a great Grateful Dead song. In my head, this represented a future chapter of my life where I’m starting from a down-facing position, but making the best of it. While there’s certain to still be some truth to that, I don’t want to think of my home as a place with an intrinsic sadness to it. A rename has been in the works for a while.

My backup name was The Great Space Coaster, after the tv show from my childhood, but I wasn’t totally into it. I brainstormed a few today, and the one I really latched onto was the Cosmic Cruiser! My artwork has definitely been celebrating the cosmic more lately, and I’m excited to reflect that in my home. I’m looking forward to incorporating a lot of epic psychedelic prog-rock space wizard murals and art throughout the bus.

Next, I gotta make new art to use for avatars my new Twitter and Instagram accounts.

I’m also trying to organize a bit here on my site – I want to blog the build process and the travelog, but also a good amount of the planning. There’s a lot of things I need to learn and figure out, so I’ll probably be posting here just to keep a running log of thoughts, links to videos and inspiration boards for my own future reference.

So yeah, join me on my journey toward itinerant artistic hermitude!