sketchcard-kirkI know I mentioned recently that I’ve really been rediscovering how much I enjoy doing sketchcards! They’re a great way to make and sell original pieces, I love playing with color (though I could certainly use more practice), and they fall squarely into my appreciation for small things. I’ve decided to encourage myself to make more. The first part of that is that I’ve taken the special ‘convention discount’ pricing for custom cards and made that the standard price for them in my Storenvy shop. Full-color custom sketchcards are now only $10, and 6×6” black and white scenes are now only $20! I’ve also had enough requests to do the 6×6 portraits in color, so I’ve added that as an option for just an extra $10.
I’m also going to start just making cards for fun when I have time to do it, based on the things I enjoy! The plan is to post them to my Patreon-only feed as I do them, and then selling them on my old Etsy page. I’ve got a few recent ones available right now, and will be adding more soon!
And don’t forget, custom art makes a great gift, and the holidays are coming up soon! I’d love to draw something for you or your loved ones, so get in touch and lets make it happen!