There are so many things to consider when planning to simplify and reduce one’s life, here are some of the things I’d like to write about soon:

  • The Great Material Continuum – Modifying my self-image of being someone who owns things and takes care of them, to someone who is simply a temporary steward of things.
  • Media collections – Books, movies, music – physical media can take up tremendous amounts of space, but in this modern age of digital media and cloud-based storage (or streaming!) it really doesn’t have to.
  • Hobbies – My hobbies have historically taken up a lot of space, from storing old drawings, having a large drafting table, and now a decent quantity of homebrewing equipment. How will I adapt these interests to suit a mobile lifestyle?
  • Community – They say you can’t choose your neighbors, but is that still true when you can move your home? What would a neighborhood of tiny house dwellers look like, and could it work on a larger scale?
  • The roots-free economy – The internet has really changed the working landscape for countless young tech and office workers. Digital file delivery, working and meeting by remote; a workforce that’s increasingly temporary, part-time, or freelance. How might this continued trend shape our culture in the next few generations?