Project: Orbits is the working title of a space-based racing game I’m putting together. Each player controls a spacecraft and moves along a multi-lane course built from various tracks and planets, earning points for the distance traveled in each lap until a winner is determined. Racers can play hazards against each other, disabling their opponents until repairs can be made.

The thing I’m most excited about this game is the process where the players design the course they’ll be racing. Each set will include ten to twenty ‘Planet’ cards and dozens of track cards which can be arranged in almost any configuration on the table, making the course as short and direct or as long and convoluted as the players want. They can even include shortcuts in the track which would allow players to complete laps faster (though for fewer overall points).

I’ll be posting here with rules, descriptions, and artwork as I begin finalizing some of those details. I’ve got a bare-bones description of many of the elements already started, and will post it up in bits and pieces. I might even post links to downloadable versions of the pieces so you can help play-test the rules at home!

I’ll also be looking for a better name for it at some point.