Howdy, gang!

This is just a quick update to spell out my recent thoughts regarding projects I’m working on, and some simple future plans. The long and short of it is, I’ve been feeling the pull to start working on some new projects, which means putting aside some older, unfinished projects I’ve been working on for far too long already. Here’s the specifics:

StarSpeed: I am still anxious to finish this game and get it published. I think it’s still very close — even without as much playtesting as I’d like. I had thought about putting out a print-and-play Prototype edition to allow people to help me playtest it, but I haven’t made much progress on that yet. Might be a good goal for the last couple weeks of February. I don’t have much experience in publishing games yet, but I know that will be an ongoing process of promotion and playtesting. I’ve seen several board games put out new editions over the years, with updated rules and pieces, and I’m not opposed to letting that happen for StarSpeed. I only have a few more edits and updates to make to the existing piece set and I can go ahead and publish the game. 

Ellie Connelly: This comic began in 2005, and has made very slow progress over nearly 16 years now. I’m closer to finishing it than I ever have been before, but the process is still so long that I don’t think I’ll have it done for a few more years yet. Originally planned as an ongoing series of graphic novels (I think I had story seeds for about 18 different books planned), I scaled back my plans over the years as the first one took year after year to see through. Currently I’m not planning to continue the series past the first book, and that’s made it difficult to justify completing even the first book at this point. I’m inclined to put it aside now, to let myself focus on other things. I may come back to it in the future and finish Eye of the Vortex, but I’m not committing to it.

PDXComicArts: I’ve been going back and forth on this one since last March when COVID pretty much shut down all of the in-person comics events in Portland. There have been a number of online events in the meantime, but nothing of the scale or frequency that there used to be. Since the whole point of the site was to aggregate all the events in one easy-to-reference site, it’s hard to argue that it’s still a useful thing right now. Still, I know things will turn around at some point, and I want to still be there when they do. Right now I’ve been focusing on the weekly Podcast Playlists, and helping people boost their social media signals a bit.

New Art & Games: I have a number of projects that have been starting to take up space on my back burners, and I’m ready to move them to the fore. As I’ve been working on more Cosmic art over the years, it’s really taking over and inspiring a lot of new ideas. I have two games in progress (as well as a resurrection of one of my classic abstract games), and a series of stories that are all tied together from the same epic cosmic primordial goo. My head is filled with exploding planets and space wizards, desolate landscapes under cold stars, power struggles between neighboring worlds, and all that great stuff. I’m going to make it simple on myself this time and not focus on telling the story, though – just making the art. I’ll be exploring these ideas and doing a lot of worldbuilding through new illustrations and prints, stickers and pins, a card game, maybe a fortune-telling deck, and hopefully a FATE-based roleplaying game or two.

So, that’s my overall plan. My goal, my intention with all of this, is to find more joy in the work that I do, and to move past those projects that are becoming roadblocks to me doing ANY new creative work. I’d really like to be happy with the work that I’m doing, and I just haven’t been really happy for a while. Getting out of the mud of those unfinished projects, and taking steps toward a new path, will hopefully allow me to get closer to happy again.