I’m happy to announce that Project:Orbits has finally moved into the ‘Open Playtesting’ phase! This is the point when the game’s components are made available publicly for people to download, assemble, and play on their own! I’ve been working on this game for several months now, refining and revising it, and I’m really excited to be finally releasing it into the wild!

Get the Project:Orbits v0.5a PDF Pack Here!

The v0.5 Components Download includes the following PDF documents:
Rules-sheets_v05a.pdf: three-page Rule document, with slight revisions from the v0.5 Rules
Card Sheets-poker v05a.pdf: Full deck of 108 Project:Orbits poker-sized cards
Tracks_n_Planets_v05a.pdf: 18 double-sided Planet tiles, and 36 double-sided Track cards
Racer Dashboards_v05a.pdf: 8 cut-and-assemble Rocket player pawns, with corresponding Home & Rival markers, Current Lap marker, and Racer Dashboard

These documents DO NOT feature complete and final artwork, final card names, or even the final game name (Still not sure what to call this thing). The poker-sized cards do not have their card-back artwork yet, either. In fact, all of the cards and tiles are pretty bare-bones on the art front, because I don’t want to kill your printers with color until the final art is ready.

Please, download the game, give it a spin, and let me know what you think! I’m collecting feedback over at the BoardGameGeek.com forums!

UPDATE: I just posted a modification to the v0.5a zip, it now includes a Planets & Tracks pdf with the color starfield background, for those interested in having more color in their game. Also, the repair prices on those cards are lower than on the black-and-white cards. I’ll unify that in the v0.6 download, sorry!