The Project:Orbits v0.3 rules are here!

Added a few new features to the ruleset, including the changes I mentioned earlier, and the ability to Buy a new hand when stuck at a planet. I also some new benefits for the Last Place player, to help keep them in the race – Last Place (LP) player takes two cards at the beginning of their turn instead of just one, and gets to make two plays during their turn. Often this will take them into the lead, giving someone else a chance to be the LP! In the few test games I’ve played with these new rules, I found that they effectively eliminate the situation where one or more players was left a half-lap (or more!) behind the leader.

I’ve also adjusted the count of the cards a bit, adding in more speed cards and eliminating some of the remedies. Earlier sets had the Remedies-to-Status ratio at 2-1, but now that remedies can be bought at most worlds, and you can sell a number of cards from your hand to buy new ones, the wealth of Remedies was just unnecessary. I’m going to run a couple games with the new deck of cards (hopefully this weekend if not sooner), and if they’re good, then I’ll go ahead and publish the cards, planets, and tracks to go along with these rules, and you can playtest it yourself, too!

As ever, take a look at the rules and if you have any feedback leave it over at the BoardGameGeek thread for Project:Orbits! Thanks!