Another playtest, another update to the rules!

The big new things in version 0.5 are that players can now choose their own Home and Rival worlds from among the Planets in the course, and that different Status cards have different effects on the Racer’s speed.

I’ve also done a bit of work to designing the additional components for the PnP version of this game, which will be the initial release. I designed some pretty snazzy little rocket-ship pawns in eight different colors, along with Home and Rival world markers. Next I need to design the standard Racer Dashboard and the varying display readouts for each ship. After that, adding the last little bits to each Planet, and then the biggest chunk of this game will be the art for all of the cards in the Action deck.

I’ll be sketching some ideas for some of the action cards this week, and will post them here for you to look at.

Also, now that the rules are nearly complete (I think the gameplay may actually be in its final stage of development now, actually), it’s time to decide on a final name for this game. I’ll post my current list at the Board Game Geek forums, and will try to find a way to open it up for a vote.