Get the Project:Orbits v0.6 PDF Pack Here!

Version 0.6 now available!

As I should have expected, following Saturday’s play session, I’ve made a few more very minor modifications to the components. Specifically, I removed a sheet of cards from the deck to make Remedies a bit harder to come by (which helps make the Planets more useful in their ability to sell repairs), clarified a few sentences in the rulesheet, and made the repair prices consistent across the black-and-white and color planet sheets.

I also fixed a graphic error in the color Planet sheets, where the trim-marks for the Track cards were visible on every page, even the Planets. Haha, woops!

These still don’t have the finished art, but I’m getting started on that soon. My NEXT step, though, is deciding on a final name for this game. I’ve already started a thread on the forums looking for suggestions, with a prize of 20 GG and a hand-made set of the final game!

That said, this WILL be the final version of these files to be available until the finished art is ready. I’ll continue posting art samples here, and at the game’s page (which I’ll be creating once I have the right name!) so you can still see the progress. I’m really excited! Finally I’ve made it to the really fun part of this process – making it look awesome!