Howdy, all! As I type this, I’m two days into a two week vacation from my day job at the USPS. The job has really been wearing me out and leaving me depressed more often than not, and I’ve been really missing having more creative energy. So far I’m enjoying being super-lazy, but it’s time to get back to the work I actually enjoy, telling stories! So, the rest of my vacation will be focused on the final five pages of the current chapter of Ellie Connelly! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to devote more than an hour or two at a time to working on anything. I’m excited to see where this leads!

The pages only take me about 10 hours to do, total, so I believe I can find enough concentrated time in the next 12 days to see it through. If I can get the pages fully pencilled and lettered by Saturday, that will put me in a great position to really make the most out of my second week, when I’ll be holed up in a tiny camper-trailer on the Washington coast with a portable drawing table and my pens. I’m excited about where the story is going at this point, there’s a BIG scene coming up that I’ve been super anxious to get to. I should have no trouble inking these five pages in a week with no distractions, and free access to a soaking pool.

I do have a few other projects in mind to get started on in the event I actually finish all the pages early, but I’m not making any commitments to myself on that front. I know what my priorities are, but the big one is to Not Pressure Myself. This is a vacation, after all. I think I’ll have internet access, but I know I’ll have phone reception, so at least I’ll be able to keep my Patreon supporters updated with progress reports and photos from the field!

Alright! Back to the drawing table!