I’m making an effort to improve my work habits, and one thing I want to start doing is being more proactive with planning the week ahead. One of the things that constantly gets in the way of me doing things is not always feeling like I know what I should be working on. There are always several projects-in-process hanging out in my background, jockeying for attention, and I need to wrangle them into some kind of order. I’m hoping that writing out and clarifying these goals each week will improve the chances of me actually following through, and make me more productive overall. This is a new process for me, so we’ll see how it goes.


  • Website planning: Map out the Games section of indigo-k.com
  • 11am-3pm ArtCast: Inking Ellie Connelly page 22
  • Posting the progress pictures for my Patrons
  • Update a few assets for StarSpeed – Action Items



  • 11am-3pm ArtCast: Inking Ellie Connelly page 23
  • Posting the progress pictures for my Patrons
  • Scanning in pages 21-23, cleaning and posting for Patrons
  • Pick a recipe for brew day tomorrow, probably a bitter or summer ale.


  • PDXComicArts updates – write up & schedule Podcast Playlist
  • 11am-5pm Brew Day! Taking the day off from drawing to make a batch of beer.


  • 11am-3pm ArtCast: #FanArtFriday. Sketch cards, and a character portrait
  • Posting the progress pictures for my Patrons
  • PM Gaming castSecret of Monkey Island
  • Plan out next week


  • Bundle Pac-Man digital minicomics to post to itch.io
  • Update etsy product listings – add recent commissions to Sketch cards & Portraits
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery Shopping

Alright, that looks like a pretty full week from here – lots of things to do. But one thing I’m working on is shifting my attention away from the number of things I have to do, to how much time it would take to do them. Not including the ArtCasts and the play test up there, almost none of these items should take more than an hour to complete. Which, yeah – I have plenty of time to do all of this as long as I can make sure to stay focused. Wish me luck!