An exciting piece of news today, as one of the illustrations I did for “This Is How You Die”, the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster “Machine of Death” anthology, was used in their latest preview! I’ve been wanting to share this artwork for almost a year, and now you can finally see a peek at one of the pieces I did for “Apitoxin”.


By Sidney Paget

I missed out on the opportunity to contribute to the first collection, so I jumped at the chance when it came around again. The story was a Sherlock Holmes tribute, and the request was that the art be in the style of Sidney Paget, who illustrated many of the original Holmes stories for The Strand. Now, I can be a pretty good mimic sometimes, but this one was a real challenge. The technique was more difficult than I had anticipated – I ended up doing the actual inking and composition digitally, though the pencils were done on paper. But still, I’m exceedingly proud of the final art, and I’m excited for the work to be featured in the official preorder announcement!


My frontispiece for “Apitoxin”

The book is now up for preorder at Amazon, and will be released in two weeks. Along with the frontispiece shown here, I did three additional spot images placed elsewhere throughout the story. Go order yours today, and you can see ALL of the finished images up close and personal!