I’ve been slacking on my Weekly Work Plan, but let’s not let that stop us. Here’s a plan for this week, August 24 2020:

Primary goal for the week: Update the etsy store with fresh Sketchcards, work up some sample 5×7 art. Open up for commissions, and make progress toward getting Chutney Point up on itch.io


  • ArtCast: Bill & Ted, Sketch cards (Justice League?), Inking technique
  • Week Planning
  • Post-ArtCast – Post progress to Patreon, blog


  • PDXComicArt updates
  • Therapy appt.
  • Tarot app button art – 2 hours
  • **ArtCast: App Buttons, then Gaming stream – Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis**


  • ArtCast: 5×7 Art (Luke Skywalker, Dr. Strange, The Thing, Commission?), Inking technique
  • Post-ArtCast – Post progress to Patreon, blog
  • Quiz


  • PDXComicArts updates – Podcast Playlist, Free Comic Book Summer
  • Website updates – Games page layout, Chutney Point page draft
  • Brewday: White House Honey Ale
  • Star Trek


  • ArtCast: Sketch Cards: Monkey Island, Justice League
  • Post-ArtCast – Post progress to Patreon, blog
  • Bill and Ted Face the Music


  • Saturday – Quiz