Keeping on the topic of my abstract strategy game YIORA for a bit, here’s the simple board design. I feel like it needs something more to make it more playful and interesting, but I haven’t quite figured out what yet.


At any rate, you can see the basic layout, with 36 columns of alternating black-and-white spaces, with the name of the game spelled out in columns 1 and 19. Players place their Overlord at opposing ‘A’ spaces, with Mages and Pawns arranged around them. The large area in the center is a graveyard for fallen pieces.

The current set is scaled to have the board be 24″ round, but I’m thinking of scaling it down a bit since I found out about The Game Crafter, and their 18″ quad-fold game boards.

I need to work up a few diagrams for piece movement and opening position, and then I’ll post the updated Primary Basic rules.