Made some minor updates to the Yiora rules last week, such as changing the names of Pawns to Soldiers, clarifying a couple points about the order of play, and limiting the number of Promoted pieces to two per player. I’ve also updated the piece movement diagrams to make them easier to read visually, and added the piece locations in Black’s opening position. You can download the new rules by clicking this link:


I also updated the art on the board to make it more interesting (I was never crazy about the simple black-and-grey board design I’ve been using), and also to show where the White and Black Thrones are (the spaces used for promoting pieces). It’s not easy to see in this preview image, but the thrones are inset with a yellow outline to set them apart. Take a look!


Next and final step is to finish detailing the logo so I can export all of the final pdfs, and then bundling it up for its final Print & Play release! Once that’s finished I can finalize all of the bits for the boxed edition, and start posting rules to some variations here on the site. Woo!