Since one of the things I’m trying to focus my energies on in 2012 is completing a number of board game concepts I’ve developed over the years, I wanted to start with my oldest and most nearly-complete: YIORA.

YIORA is an abstract strategy game based on a circular board of alternating dark and light spaces. Similarly to Chess, players alternate turns moving their pieces into a position to try and capture their opponent’s “Overlord”. With only three types of pieces available, the options are limited and sacrifices must be made. Especially since both players begin the game in a vulnerable position!

This game was developed for a comic I was working on in 1992, so it’s been with me for a while. The intention was to create the board and a basic set of 2-player rules, but to keep it flexible enough to allow for multiple variations on the rules. For example, I also have rules for 3- and 4-player versions of the same game, as well as a 5-player game in which the players race around the board. There is also another series of games using the same board and pieces, which I called the “Garian Colored” series, where the rules and the object of the game differs based on the color of pieces chosen by the players.

The version I’m currently preparing to release will be a set of downloadable print-and-play pdfs, including one sheet each for black and white pieces, several sheets for the cut-and-assemble board, and a rule sheet for the basic 2-Player game. I’ll be posting the alternate colored pieces and rules as additional downloads, and would like to even post up some seasonal variations from time to time. For now, take a look at the latest takes on the basic White and Black pieces: