Did a lot of thinking today about the cost of publishing this game through GameCrafter. As much as I’d love to include the nice sculpted pieces in the basic set, they do add a bit of cost to the entire package. The next best scenario would be to use the same art from the cut-and-assemble pieces and have standing card pieces included in the box instead.

I thought this would be individually cheaper, but realized that GameCrafter charges for these cards by the sheet. The Micro-cards I was considering come 56 to a sheet, which would be enough for 6 full sets of 9 pieces each, so I hit on another idea: expanding what’s included in the Boxed edition to include all of the variations I’ve got planned, which would require an additional four colors of pieces (for 6-person play!).

So, the release plan that I’ve now got in mind is to do the Primary Basic P&P set (based on the prototype pdf I released yesterday), followed by piecemeal releases of variations and additional individual colors until I’ve got all six colors of pieces complete. Then, I’ll release a new P&P edition including the basic version AND all the variations and additional pieces, in tandem with the complete Boxed edition.

The sculpted pieces could then be relegated to a ‘Deluxe Pieces’ addition, which would not include the board or the basic rules, but would still include all of the necessary pieces to play all of the variations in the Boxed set, and would be released shortly after (since there’s little new artwork to produce for this, the delay should be minimal).

I like that at this point I can still be this flexible and not worry about it.